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Exclusive interview with Sergey Kharitonov

Опубликовано 12 августа 2007 года.

Интервью с Сергеем Харитоновым в английском переводе.

This interview is made by Juri Stepushkin aka headbanger and translated by Michael Mazur aka michaell.

Q: Hi, Sergey, how are you?

A: I'm doing great.

Q: Who do you train with now?

A: I train predominantly with Mikhail Ilyukhin. I work on striking techniques with a lot of guys, boxers and muay-fighters.

Q: Did you think of joining the Red Devil team?

A: No, i didn't.

Q: Do you keep in touch with Fedor? Do you call each other?

A: We don't call but we get along well. Actually we used to train together, he works extremely hard in the gym, he's very responsible about training and i respect him very much. I'd like to meet Fedor now just to chat.

Q: Golden Glory - whose initiative was that originally? Do you plan on signing a contract with the Team?

A: Actually i have already signed it. It was mutual act towards each other.

Q: Your comments on your last fight against Mike Russow.

A: Frankly i didn't want an exciting action-packed fight no matter what. The wish to win prevailed. I was supposed to fight Gilbert Yvel so i trained myself for him but however i had no problem with Russow.

Q: Did you have any other offers except K-1 heroes? UFC probably?

A: Yes, i got other offers but one way or another they didn't suit me.

Q: Do you plan to participate in boxing championships?

A: Sure i do, in amateur boxing actually. My primary aim there is not to win but to gain intangible experience so that i could use it aftewards.

Q: How do you see your future as a profighter in general? Where would you like to fight? What promotions? Would you step in the ring under any Russian promotion?

A: Right now i fully dedicate myself to training. I have no forecast for the future. As for a chance of participating in a Russian promotion i have nothing against it but it all depends what kind of championship it would be.

Q: When your profighting career is over what are you going to do? Will you train young fighters?

A: I don't look so far now. But i don't see myself as a head of training camp you know. Most likely i would only share my experience and help prepare our fighters.

Q: There was a rumor of you being in Croatia to help Mirko in his training…

A: I got many calls and people asked me whether i'm in Croatia at the moment. It's nothing but a rumor that has nothing to do with reality.

Q: How did you meet Russian Airborne Troops' Day?

A: I had two trainings that day (laughing). It was a sporting camp located near the Black sea in Sevastopol area. That night we got together with some guys to quietly celebrate it. I got so many calls that night when i was asleep. I called everyone back later- all my friends and colleague from army.

Sergey, thank you for your time. We wish you good luck in your training and fights.

On the photos: Sergey with Juri "headbanger" Stepushkin, Juri's son Andrey, Evgeni Samsonov and Julia Samsonova.


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