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Online-interview with Alexander Emelianenko

Опубликовано 11 августа 2007 года.

Онлайн интервью с Александром Емельяненко в англисйком переводе.

First of all, big thanks to Михаил Мазур aka michaell for the translating, great job!

Q: Hi, Alexander. I'd like to know in which mma-events you are going to participate, how and where you prepare for them?

A: I train in St.Petersburg in the Red Devil team. At the moment there are no fights planned for me. There are some negotiations going on about my next fight in Japan, maybe even in September. Of course i'd like to participate in combat sambo.

Q: If you could live your life again, what would you change then? Or are you satisfied at all?

A: I can't complain right now, i'm utterly satisfied with it. I'm a happy father now (the daughter was born 30.07.07)

Q: Among top-fighters who would you like to fight? Did your relations change after your bout with S. Kharitonov?

A: As far as i'm concerned it doesn't matter who i fight. Right now i'm ready to fight anyone they'd put against me. As for Sergey, our relations didn't change, we still get along.

Q: Do you use any powerlifitng elements in your training? Do you work with dumbbells / barbells or so? Which exercises do you practice then? What was your record?

A: I almost don't do any powerlifting stuff. I only use my own weight for push-ups and stuff. My bench press record was 165 kg x 3 reps. I haven't practised it for a long time though.

Q: Do you discuss your past / future fights with your brother in the evening while drinking tea?

A: No we don't. Once in a while we stay after the trainings to talk about some mistakes.

Q: What are your qoals in life now?

A: My goals in life… To reach the highest level possible in sport. To become honoured master of sport. To contribute to popularizing MMA in Russia and to help bring it to a well-deserved level.

Q: Do you take vitamins or medicines to improve your performance?

A: I take vitamin supplements but no forbidden or illegal preparation whatsoever.

Q: What books do you read?

A: I enjoy reading classical literature, philosophy and historical books.

Q: Was it hard to train after your loss to Barnett?

A: No, not at all.

Q: What kind of music do you like?

A: I listen to different sorts of music. It all depends.

Q: What kind of sport, except MMA and sambo, do you like?

A: Box, basketball, football (World Cup and European Cup in particular), grappling.

Q: What are you thoughts on future of Kirill Sidelnikov or Dmitriy Samoylov?

A: If they keep training like they do now, they'll do very well.

I believe Kirill got into MMA way too early. He might simply get tired of it. He's not ready yet and it has nothing to do with your age. He could better try himself in Combat Sambo. However he's got much more opportunities than I or Fedor had.

Q: Can you tell how sport changed you?

A: I got into it when i was a little child so i don't remember.

Q: Which fight is the most valuable in your eyes (not necessarily real ring fight but maybe some life circumstances)?

A: I can say one thing: i have won in the most important fights in my life.

Q: They are going to open a Martial Arts school in Belgorod (where Stary Oskol is located). Fedor will be a trainer there, would you like to take part in this project?

A: Right now i don't think about it. But i'd like to train boys, unfortunately i don't have enough time to train others. But i plan to start training young guns in the future.

Q: Hi, Alexander. Your fearless look and self-confindence amazes me every time i see you in the ring. Is that your image, mask you put on?

A: It's not a mask, this is real me. That's the way i prepare myself for the fight. I train and tune myself, then i repeat the same things i did during training. I don't let emotions take control, i do my job there and i remain cold blooded.

Q: Can anything break you mentally? Waht are you afraid of?

A: I don't know what could break me mentally. I am afraid of some common things - i'm afraid of losing my family.

Q: Have you ever smoked?

A: I did try actually. There's nothing useful in it. It only harms your health.

Q: What is your advice concerning the age, kind of sport and how intensive it should be to become the ultimate MMA-fighter?

A: One should begin from the early age, something like gymnastics, swimming. I strongly recommend to not let your children practise MA, he can simply "burn through" it. The best age to start MA is 12-13 years.

Q: There was a rumor you would try yourself in professional box?

A: Yes, indeed. But it's not definite yet.

Q: What was your grade at school?

A: Solid 3 (russian grades vary from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest one).

Q: What's your dream?

A: Earn a lot of money, buy a sea-side house and spend the last years of my life there. Have many children and grandchildren, have a big united family.

Q: Where and how do you rest? How often do people recognize you?

A: I haven't had any time to rest lately, only trainings. I used to spend some free days by the sea burning my skin. People recognize me but not as often as i'd like it.

Q: What's your favorite team you always root for? What car brand do you prefer?

A: I'm always there when a Russian team plays. I like Mercedes, BMW, Audi.

Q: There is a brand new mixfight school open in St.Petersbrug. Did you hold an open training session there?

A: The training center was opened this year. July,5 there was an open training session but there are no plans on holding one more so far.

Q: How did you feel stepping for the first time in the ring?

A: It felt nice to be there for the first time.

Q: Where would you rather fight: in a ring or a cage?

A: As far as i'm concerned it doesn't matter to me.

Q: Would you like to try yourself in movie industry?

A: I'm eager to do it, i even got some offers but i don't have time for it at the moment.

Thank you for interesting questions. Unfortunately i have to go. Talk to you soon.


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