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Vladimir Voronov's interview

Опубликовано 29 октября 2007 года.

We caught up with Vladimir Voronov, wrestling and conditioning trainer of Fedor and Alexander Emelianenko, to ask him to share his thoughts on MMA in Russia, training a new generation of Russian fighters and Randy Couture - UFC situation.

-What's the main problem of MMA-development in Russia in your opinion?

-The problem is obvious. There is no state support and financing. MMA-championships are not held on regular basis.

-But can you establish a fact of mma developing in Russia in general?

-Sure it did a huge leap forward thanks to private capital.

-How did you end up being Red Devil trainer?

-I've always aspired to more universal mixed martial arts.

-You train a new breed of fighters here. Do you feel satisfied with the level of their skills?

-No but i hope for the best.

-What are the conditions, the intensity and schedule of your work here in Red Devil?

-It all depends. Work gets more intense when we train for a certain upcoming event.

-What would you say to young guys who'd like to train under Red Devil banner here in Saint Petersburg?

-Come and try. Put yourself to the test.

-Can you tell us about your free-time activities and hobbies beside sport?

-I like hunting, travelling. I like Russian bath as well.

-What are your thoughts on Randy Couture leaving UFC?

-First and foremost I respect those fighters who respect themselves. Couture is a real man, a strong personality. He won't let UFC or whoever dictate to him.

-Do you still train guys in Stary Oskol?

-Sure i do.

-Can you give a tip, some efficient excersices that improve your power and stamina?

-I would give a general bit of advice. Always work up to the stop, set a task for yourself, reach the peak of your abilities and the next time try to reach little bit more and so on.

-What music do you like?

-"Voskresenie", Mavrin, Talkov.

-Which country is, in your opinion, the best to perform, train and relax?

-I have to go with Russia.

-What character should one have in order to achieve a lot in this kind of sport to be a successful fighter?

-An athlete has to be frantically devoted to sport he competes in and never hesitate and spare himself.

-Once in a while when guys miss something while training or something goes wrong how do you cheer them up?

-I am always there to support them mentally.


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