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Fedor Emelianenko Pre M-1 Global Press Conference interview

Опубликовано 23 октября 2007 года.

New Interview with Fedor Emelianenko where he tells www.allaboutmma.com about his future plans, Randy Couture and M-1 Global


AllAbout MMA: Has it been difficult for you not fighting for so long?
Fedor: Yes , I hoped to fight earlier this year. There where several options given to me. We spoke with IFL and Elite and of course with the UFC. I trained a lot just to keep my body in shape. The best thing of not fighting is that I developed new techniques .

AAM: Can you tell us about the fight with Lindland? Some people say you cheated when you grabbed the ropes.
FE: If they think I used the ropes to win, it is their opinion. It did not help me win.

AAM: A lot of fans would have liked to see you fight in the UFC, why did that not work out?
FE: Actually I never spoke to the UFC myself. It went through my managers, Vadim Finkelchtein and Apy Echteld. To make a long story short, at the end of the day I am glad I did not sign with the UFC, because I have been given much more better conditions by M 1 global.

AAM: What is the main reason that you have chosen to sign with M-1 Global?
FE: I will have the chance to fight everywhere in the world and fight everybody who wants to fight . M 1 is willing to work with any other organisation.

AAM: Do you feel that you will have the opportunity to fight against top fighters in this organization?
FE: Yes I know for sure.

AAM: Can you tell us a little more about the future plans of the M-1 organization?
FE: M 1 will be a world wide organisation , and will present high class MMA events.

AAM: Will you still compete in Combat Sambo?
FE: Combat sambo is a commitment to my background, my friends and my trainer. I always enjoy the participation and I use it as a preparation for my fights.

AAM: Randy Couture recently resigned saying that fighting you was his only challenge left in the sport.
FE: I feel sad for him, but If you watch my press conference tonight, you will find out more about this issue

AAM: Do you think there is an organization that could make that fight happen?
FE: M 1 global is willing to co-operate with other organisations, it will be up to randy or the UFC.

AAM: Would you like to fight Randy Couture?
FE: I watched him for years , I would like to fight him.

AAM: You also negotiated with K-1 Heros, would you like to still fight for this organization?
FE: K-1 did not give a good offer. Perhaps in the future .

AAM: Did you train Aleksander for his fight in Canada? (Ed: Aleksander won in HCF against Daniel Bobish in about a minute by guillotine)
FE: Alex is trained by my trainer.

AAM: Thierry Sokoudjou has said that he would like to fight you, is that a fight that you would like?
FE: I will fight everybody. I consider Sokoudjou a very good fighter. So in the future this fight might also take place.

AAM: Everybody would like to know when you will fight again.
FE: My First fight will be in the US. In the middle of February.

AAM: You train a lot, all over the world. Who are the young fighters, on your team or on other teams, that will be great in the future?
FE: I have serveral good students , I will take them on a trip to Holland and make them train with standup fighters. I hope to prepare at the same time my stand up skill in Holland with Ernesto Hoost and Peter Aerts.

AAM: Many people consider Kirill Sidelnikov as the next Fedor, can you tell us about him?
FE: Let us see. The fighter is still very young and has to learn a lot of tacktical issues. I believe in him and he might become a next champion in the future.


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